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If you are looking for an affordable and very durable ceiling fan, you should head out to Lowe´s. Here you can choose from more than a dozen models of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans. The Harbor Breeze fan company is Lowe´s own brand for ceiling fans, therefore you will not find Harbor Breeze ceiling fans in other home improvement stores.

About The Harbor Breeze Fan Company

These ceiling fans are actually produced by Litex Industries, a well-known manufacturer of ceiling fans and lighting fixtures. Litex is the manufacturer of a number of ceiling fans sold under different names. For example, Ellington ceiling fans and Aloha Breeze fans are actually Litex products. Some of the fans produced by Litex can be bought as Litex ceiling fans.

Harbor Breeze fans are known for their wide range of styles and prices. Some of these fans have a classic design, while others look more unusual, with fan blades in the shape of leaves. There are countless color choices for the finish and for the casing of the motor, so you can be sure that you will find something for your taste.

Some of the Harbor Breeze fans carry the Energy Star label, meaning that they are very good in energy efficiency. Because there is a Lowe´s store on almost every corner, the service of the fans is really easy. Those people who like to get their hands dirty can find just about every replacement part at Lowe´s. And there are countless tutorials on the internet showing how these ceiling fans can be fixed.

As energy prices are soaring, more and more people are dumping their air conditioners and looking to buy ceiling fans. Thanks to the fact that the energy consumption of a ceiling fan is very low compared to an air conditioning system, people can save a lot of money during the summer. Some ceiling fans come with a reversible motor: this is a very useful option, because it can be used in the winter for heating purposes.

The Harbor Breeze company have a wide price range. The cheapest models can be purchased for less than $50. People looking for a bargain will be extremely happy with the Harbor Breeze 52″ White Ceiling Fan. This fan is the simplest model around, a great choice for those who only need the basic functions of a ceiling fan.

On the top of the range, there is the Harbor Breeze 70″ Kingsbury Oil-Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan and Harbor Breeze 56-in Le Marche Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan. These fans have every conceivable extra option, like multiple speed reversible motors, like lighting kits, and remote controls. The Le Marche fan has a unique linen textured glass on its light-kit.

The Harbor Breeze fan company range has many other products. Most ceiling fans are priced just below $100, cheaper than the competitor´s similar fans. Customers have the possibility to choose a number of extra options, like lighting kits, or remote controls. Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are also known for their simple, sleek and durable design. Very few people complain about their Harbor Breeze ceiling fan.

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